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A lot goes into finding the perfect Internet service. Reliability. Availability. Price. But one of the most important things to consider is speed.

Your Internet speed determines a lot: how fast your pages load, how many devices you can connect and what you can do online. Do more with AT&T Internet speeds.

AT&T U-verse: Go faster

Want the fastest AT&T Internet speeds available? You need U-verse.

U-verse is AT&T’s fastest Internet service, with downstream speeds up to 75 Mbps.* AT&T Internet speeds are faster than average broadband. And AT&T Internet speed supports all your favorite online activities:

  • Streaming video
  • Listening to music
  • Uploading photos
  • Downloading movies
  • Online gaming
  • Mliti-device use

3 Devices

Watch more

Downloading a feature-length movie with standard broadband Internet could take hours. But with AT&T Internet speeds, you’ll be watching in minutes.

AT&T Internet speed is great for streaming, too. Load your favorite TV shows and movies faster. Get better video quality with less buffering.

Share more

You share a lot online, from photo albums to social media posts. Share more and connect better with AT&T Internet speeds.

AT&T U-verse is the fast, reliable Internet you need to stay in touch with the ones you love. AT&T supports video chat and VoIP as well as photo-sharing, social networking and more.

Connect your whole home

You need Internet that goes where you go. That means Internet for every room of your house, on all your devices.

AT&T Internet speed is fast enough to connect PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more. And it’s easy to get fast AT&T Internet speeds throughout your whole home — every U-verse plan comes with a wireless router.

Get the most out of your connection

You can make the most of your Internet service when you know what speeds you’re getting. Use the simple AT&T Speed Test to find out just how fast your Internet is.

All you have to do is press “Start.” In a few seconds, the AT&T Speed Test will deliver your upload and download speeds. You’ll know if you’re getting the AT&T Internet speeds you should be, or if there are steps you can take to make your connection faster.

AT&T High Speed Internet

Not in a U-verse area? You can still get great AT&T Internet speeds. AT&T High Speed Internet provides the fast service you need — wherever you are.

Get a connection you can count on with AT&T’s strong, reliable digital network. AT&T High Speed Internet supports everything you do online, whether it’s watching TV or working from home.

Connect with AT&T today

Do what you love online with fast AT&T Internet speeds. With AT&T, you get High Speed Internet at an affordable price. And you get Internet service that’s perfect for you.

Choose the AT&T Internet speed you need, add on the features you want, and get it all at a price you can afford. Call today to get started!

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